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Akashi Reborn: Chapters 1-3(part of) by ThatsSoWitty Akashi Reborn: Chapters 1-3(part of) by ThatsSoWitty

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I've had the idea to write this for a while. Towards the end of Citrine, the idea for this project (which actually predated Citrine) started leaking through and mixing with Citrine. However, I quickly realized that a) I wasn't cut out for the game development scene and b) people no longer gave a shit about my project.
Well, after a while I decided that instead of trying to do a project that I was doing to please people, I would start a project that pleased me. My favorite part of Citrine was always the text based documents, the character development, and the story. I loved it. However, I didn't like the programming or the spriting. So I decided to write a book of my ideas.
I love working on this book and I find it incredibly relaxing, so there's a very high chance of me finishing it. I'm posting it here to make it easier for those that I have asked to edit it to find it. So here it is, chapters 1-2 and part of 3 of my book, Akashi Reborn.

All of these ideas are mine. There is nothing that I need to give credit for in this, because it all stems from my imagination and my dreams. Do not claim as your own, because you did not write this. I did.
arimibn Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012  Hobbyist


The name Selokashi sounds very unique. Never seen that before.

A soldier that's taken millions of lives with a blade and still hasn't adapted to it? Another first. But at the same time it's kind of believable. No humane person will be able to get used to killing, no matter how many times they do it. People that get used to it are changed beyond recovery at that point.

"74 years" O>O HOW OLD IS THIS DUDE?

"One victim was found with their throats literally torn out and their head rolling
off to one side. " HOLY TISH.

"Based on these findings, it’s safe to say that whoever killed my parents and the people at that gas station was a trained professional who knew what they were doing." A couple extra spaces in that line. And you did a good job of hooking the reader here. That part is very interesting.

"Madeline and my uncle had one child and named him Paris. Paris was born January 25th, 2000" Extra space in that line, and weren't "YOU" born in 2000? Is this a date error?

"He taught us how to fight using martial arts, including everything from Tae Kwan Do to Judo to Okinawa martial arts" Extra space there.

That was a VERY good prologue.
ThatsSoWitty Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Eventually, Azerith doesn't have to worry about how old he gets. He always appears like he's eighteen after his awakening for undisclosed reasons (they contain major spoilers).
ThatsSoWitty Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh why thank you! I fixed a few things, like "Madeline and my uncle had one child and named him Paris, who was born January 25th, 2000." I told you the genre and bases for the plot right? You have to think of everything from a supernatural lens: what could have inflicted those wounds? Why did Azerith's parents start running in the first place? Stuff like that. Almost all of this comes back up later in the book.

Thanks bro! Things will be picking up in Chapter 3. Chapter 1 is the longest so far, but it sets everything up.
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